Monday, July 16, 2012

Prayer Request

I do not know Jessica, but my sister-in-law does and many of my friends do.  My heart just broke when I read this.  Many many prayers go out to this family.

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Asking for prayers from any of you that know Derek and Jessica Glenn Nichols, scratch that from everyone! Jessica was 37 weeks pregnant and due to preeclampsia had a heart attack. She went through triple bypass surgery early yesterday morning and the baby did not make it... Jessica's heart is currently working at 15% capacity and she is in critical condition. They are great friends and wonderful people with strong faith. God be with them and their girls Hailey and Kensie.


Alicia said...

I will be praying for that family. Reading that made me cry. I had high blood pressure problems while pregnant and was on bed rest for a few months, thankfully it never actually progressed to preeclampsia, though I was closely monitored, but what a wake-up call that is about just how dangerous it can be and makes me so thankful that Kylie and I both were healthy.

Anonymous said...

I will also be praying for the family. I had Congestive Heart Failure after having both of my babies. With my oldest it was very severe and I was readmitted to the hospital. With Evan the symptoms began while I was still in the hospital and meds were started right away. My heart goes out to them.

Brandi W.