Friday, August 10, 2012

A Night In The Hospital

So, I was admitted to the hospital last night for uterine irritability and dehydration.  I had cramps all day and after talking with the nurse on call at my doctor’s office, she wanted me to get checked out.  When I went in, I found out I was having uterine irritability, or weak, constant contraction-like symptoms.  I was also badly dehydrated with a fever.  They could barely get an IV in because I was so dehydrated. It’s so frustrating because I make a constant effort to drink fluids.  However, I was probably only drinking 50-60 oz of water and they want me drinking 80-90 oz per day.  Diabetes plus an incredibly hot summer plus pregnancy is not a good combination for me.  So, they put me on iv fluids and observed me overnight.  My cervix is still closed and measuring 3.7 cm, which is good.  I’d be curious to hear from those who have had theirs checked? They checked for any infections and the tests came back fine.  I was released around 6 am and I’ve been resting and drinking water ALL day.  Baby is doing great and you can expect to find me with water in my hand at all times for the rest of the pregnancy.  And if you see me, please ask me how much water I’ve drank that day! 


Anonymous said...

Taking a bath is not only relaxing but can help out with hydration.

Holli Taylor said...

They didn't get concerned about my cervical length despite contractions until it dropped to less than 1.5cm. cRAZY!