Monday, August 20, 2012

Hearing Test

So proud of Olivia today! She had her hearing test that she has had to retake 2 years in a row because she resisted anything in or around her ears. What a big girl she was today though! She was so excited about it! She even wore the headphones that allowed them to test each ear individually. She passed with flying colors, which is astounding for a former 23 weeker. We've never been worried about her hearing so it was kinda frustrating to have to keep redoing the test. Olivia's definitely growing up!! We celebrated with a trip to McDonalds and rented a Redbox movie to watch this afternoon.


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Jodi said...

Olivia passed her newborn hearing test. Because she was born at 23 weeks, they wanted to monitor her each year until she was old enough to verbally respond to the tests and test each ear individually. I've always followed up with the recommendations of her doctors and therapists, which is always crucial.