Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday, September 14, 2012

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Thank you, Kerry, for the new shirt!! Olivia LOVES it!  She has a hard time adjusting from short sleeve to long sleeve shirts so this is perfect.  She loves that it’s sparkly, that it has a hood and pockets in the front.  Olivia says she wants to wear it every day. . .yes, that should be fun to keep clean.  LOL!

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She is loving preschool!

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I bought her a new little mouse because she’s been obsessed with mice since her class mascot is the “church mouse.”  I think it’s her new favorite toy and I got called the best mom in the world.  Man, that was easy.  LOL!  I was going to give it to her at my baby shower, but decided to give it to her early. 

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And, I’m almost 26 weeks pregnant!  Wow, never thought I’d be here.  I’ve started having a hard time getting comfortable when I sleep so I dug out my ginormous pregnancy pillow from storage.  (Correction: My wonderful, loving husband dug it out of storage for me.) I take back all the bad things I ever said about it.  I’ve slept so much better with it even though it takes up half of the bed.  It’s my new best friend!