Wednesday, September 12, 2012

In The Middle

Last night my blood sugar was pretty high and it was the first time I've correlated it with awful restless legs. And it was my fault for splurging on a snack that I knew I shouldn't eat. But I was feeling pretty awful which had Olivia a bit worried. At five, she's trying to understand about blood sugar.

"So mama, you don't want it to be high and you don't want it to be low? Do you want it to be in the middle?"

Then, she attempted to do things to help my blood sugar level out.

"Hugs and kisses should make your blood sugar be in the middle. And if I played you a pretty song, would that help get your blood sugar in the middle?"

Bless her heart, she is so incredibly sweet. And I told her not to let me eat anymore Chex Mix Muddy Buddies ever again. And I don't think she'll let me! She already asks me about the sugar content in food!!