Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Time To Brag

Well, I thought I’d brag on my two girls a bit (I like the sound of that. . .my two girls.)

First, here are some excerpts from Olivia’s preschool progress report. 

photo (60)

photo (61)

My little former 1 lb 1.5 oz 23 weeker is thriving!  Her teacher has even said that had she not known about her extremely premature birth, she would not have been able to tell any difference between her and the other kids.  We had to have another IEP meeting a few weeks ago because the goals that we set forth last spring were already being met.  These were her goals until next spring and they were met by October.  She still has some gross motor skills to work on with her PT, but her OT was moved to consult only.  She will  meet with Olivia’s teacher once a month to make sure a concern doesn’t come up.  My biggest concerns, honestly, are Olivia’s sensory issues that seem to be intensifying lately.  But, they aren’t interfering with her learning so it’s not really something they will work on her with.  I mean, I bought her seamless socks (because socks are a HUGE problem) and she even finds bumps in them!  And, I wish she’d eat a bit better and gain a few more pounds.  She’s still barely 31 lbs at 5 years old.  But, she is thriving and doing so very well and I just feel beyond blessed to be her mother.

And now on to my chunky monkey. . .she already weighs 5 lbs at not even 34 weeks!  That’s how much Olivia weighed when I took her home from the hospital!  And, Abigail scored another 8/8 on her biophysical profile. . .that makes 3 weeks in a row!  Looks like I have another overachiever.  Look at those chubby cheeks!  After worrying about Olivia’s weight for the past 5 years, it would be so nice to have a chubby baby who likes to eat.  And, my doctor is making arrangements for my c-section on December 10th, Olivia’s homecoming day! Wow, that is just a little over a month away!  Can’t wait to meet my sweet Abigail!!!

photo (62)

If you can’t tell, I’m one proud mama!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Jodi! Your girls are doing awesome! I know that Abigail will make it to December 10th and that Olivia is going to take over the world. I understand the food worries, my son is the same way. As long as they are hitting development goals, though, we just have to be proud of their acheivements and keep trying to get them to eat and try new foods.

Brandi W. said...

Wow! Your two girls are doing great! I love Abigails weight. I had Evan at 34 weeks and they came over to me and asked if my dates were correct because he weighed 5lbs and 12 oz. They debated about sending him to the NICU but he had some problems maintaining his body temp. He also didn't have the whole suck/swallow thing down. BUT he only stayed for two weeks and now he is a big boy! He is 11 months old and wears 18 month clothes! He is probably at least 22-24 pounds by now. So glad that all is going well with Olivia in school. She is such a inspiration to everyone. As always, you and your family are in my prayers. Keep baking Abigail!