Monday, December 31, 2012

Monday, December 31, 2012

Olivia has been so excited to play in the snow.  We didn’t have one good snow last winter and the snowsuit that I bought her last year was still in her closet. . .with tags.  I told her of the possibility of snow today and she woke up, ran to look outside and this is what she saw:

Photo: Olivia wanted so desperately to play in the snow today.  :(

She was so disappointed.  However, later in the day it started snowing a bit and she couldn’t wait to go outside.  When daddy got home from work, they headed out.

photo (62)

There wasn’t much, but she made a snow angel and played on her swingset in the snow. 

photo (63)

Nothing like warming up by the fire with some chocolate milk.

photo (65)

Which led to a nap by the fire.  Praying for at least one good snow this year so that she can build a snowman. 

I slept from 5 –7 pm tonight and I feel like a new woman!!  It was amazing!  Now, to ring in the new year at home with three of my favorite people ! 

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Brandi W. said...

Glad that she got to see a little bit of snow. Where we live it hardly snows and the winters are usually pretty mild. I'm kinda jealous that she got to make a snow angel!