Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Olivia is still pretty sick. Poor thing has barely eaten since Wednesday and she can't afford to lose any weight. She does manage to play a bit of Mario kart throughout the day. I believe Abigail is struggling with reflux or colic. When she's not nursing, she is screaming! The only way to console her is to nurse her. Then she falls asleep, I put her down, she wakes up a few minutes later screaming. She'll only stop if I nurse her and the cycle continues. We bought some gripe water and I'm going to try to get her into the doctor next week. Olivia had to go on Prilosec as a baby and it really helped her. Hopefully our household will all begin to feel better soon.


Sarah Johnson said...

Not saying it is Abigail's issue, but try googling "lactose overload". Totally different then lactose intolerance. My son just all of the sudden developed it at 6 weeks. I tried all the recommended remedies, and finally resorted to a lactose free formula. It was an instant change. He went right back to being happy and content. Hope your family is all back to normal soon

Brandi W. said...

Hopefully everyone is feeling better by now. Both of my boys had the same symptoms as Abigail and they both and had use Alimentum formula. It's hard to have two little ones who don't feel well. We have been to the Pedi three times in the last seven days! The fun of strep, eye and ear infections! Thinking of you guys!