Monday, December 17, 2012

My daughter, the artist

As you know, one of Olivia’s least favorite things to do has been to draw.  Getting her to pick up a crayon is like torture.  She has, however, always liked to draw on her magna doodle.  Tonight she completely surprised me by drawing masterpiece after masterpiece!  She has come so far in just a few months.  Sadly, I can’t save them because they get erased, but I was sure to take pictures of each one. 

photo (60)


photo (61)


photo (62)

A birdie

photo (63)

A tomato with a smile

photo (64)

A happy worm (one of my favs)

photo (65)

Her Bitty Baby, Ally.

photo (66)

A bumblebee

photo (67)

A fish whale

photo (69)

Olivia and her best friend, Sage

photo (70)


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Amanda said...

Those are great! I have an album of all jakes magma doodle pics too! Good idea :) I could even tell that last one was a penguin if you hadn't said anything! Now that's pretty good! :0