Saturday, February 16, 2013

Belated Birthday Celebration

My birthday was over 2 weeks ago, but we were unable to get everyone well enough to celebrate.  So, we stuck my cake in the freezer and waited until today (and my dad was sick and could not attend.) Have I told you how much I hate flu season? Anyway, yep, it was the big 3-5.  I thought it would be a hard one for me, but it really wasn’t.  I have a beautiful family and if I accomplish nothing else in my life, I still feel I have accomplished a lot.


I thought this would be fun to see.  Here I am with Olivia when I turned 30 in 2008.


And here I am with Olivia at 35.  LOL!  Abigail would have been in the picture, but she was very content in her swing. 


My mom watched the girls so that Ryan and I could go on a lunch date.  I don’t believe we’ve been out together since Abigail was born.  And, I figured we  hadn’t had a picture together in a long time either. 



Anonymous said...

You look great. I think you almost look younger in this year's picture than you did at 30!
Neva ;-)

Jodi said...

Probably so, Neva. 2007 did a number on me, that's for sure. And Olivia told me I didn't have wrinkles yet, so I wasn't old. Lol!

Jodi said...
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