Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday, February 25, 2013

I have a lot of cute Olivia stories today. First, let me say that Olivia's cousin, Izzy, has always called my dad Papa Cars because his favorite movie is Cars ( and he works in an auto repair shop.) So, story # 1:

Olivia has a teddy bear named William. Well, it was mine that Ryan bought me after we got engaged and then he lived about 1.5 hours away for the last three semesters of college. Olivia and I were talking about how that is Ryan's middle name and it was also Logan's middle name. Then, I asked her if she knew that it was Grandpa Glunt's first name.

She said," I thought his name was Bill?"

So, then I asked what Grandma Glunt's first name was.

"Mary," she said.

And what about Grandma Sailing?


And Grandpa Sailing? We were on a roll. But, she looked stumped for a bit and then said, "Cars?" Haha! Cracked me up.

Story #2:

We were sitting on the couch this morning and I have a plant that I bought in February 2001 when I moved out into my first apartment. Her name is Hilga. She asked why I named my plant. LOL. I explained that plants were living things. We went on to talk about how plants need water and sunlight to survive. This afternoon I walked by her room to find a fake plant by her window. Aw, she must have realized it wasn't getting any sun. I never did check to see if she watered it. Next lesson will be the difference between real and artificial plants.

The second picture just shows my new free car seat canopy. I only paid shipping on it. Love it!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! Love that kid and her personality! I think that carseat canopy is AMAZING. If we weren't 2 months away from being done with carseats I would want all the info on how to get it!
PS- Is Abigail doing ok? are you done with Dr. S?