Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday, February 28, 2013

A few days ago, we had to throw away quite a few bath toys. My attempts to keep them clean were futile. Those darn squishy ones are impossible. Olivia was VERY attached to her bath toys. When we threw them away, I about cried because Olivia said,"Good-bye bath toys! I will never forget you." The only way we got through that sad ordeal is to order new bath toys. Well, some of them came today and you would have thought it was Christmas. She ran in to take a bath with them. LOL! And I purposely got baby ones so that they can be for Abigail too. Also, some advice about the squishy bath toys: When we get new ones, we are hot gluing the holes shut so water can't get in them. They won't squirt water anymore, but at least they won't get moldy.

Olivia also had a dr appointment today to check on her ears and her swishy noises. Her ears looked good and at this time we don't have to see an ENT. We are also switching to a new doctor because hers is resigning. Olivia met with her today and really liked her!

And Abigail wore her first pair of blue jeans today. They are also Olivia's first pair. :)


Brandi W. said...

Love the jeans! I still have the boys first pair of tiny jeans. How is Abigail's tummy?

Jodi said...

I'll try to post on it tomorrow. Ya know, I don't know. One day it's fine the next day it's not. She has been on strictly Alimentum while I pump and it hasn't really made a difference. Thinking reflux may be to blame. Didn't finish her colic treatment due to the snow.