Saturday, March 30, 2013


Did anyone watch the Kansas vs Michigan game last night? Funny back story. . . My friend Amanda lives in Ohio and is a huge Michigan fan. My husband went to Kansas State, which is a huge rival of Kansas (KU.) Anyway, so I texted Amanda and said Kansas plays Michigan tonight and Wichita State (my alma mater) plays Ohio State tomorrow. This is awkward. So we decided that WE would root for Michigan and THEY would throw their support towards Wichita State. It must have been our traitor-like ways that caused Kansas to lose. Yikes! I just told them not to show up in Kansas with any Michigan apparel for awhile. But at least now everyone is pulling for Wichita State!! Go Shox! They play tonight to move on to the final four!

And here's a cute pic of Abigail trying so hard to sit up. :-)

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