Saturday, March 9, 2013

My Olivia

Man, I love this girl! She is at that stage where she can't tell me that she loves me enough. And she tries to find the right words, so she says things like:

My heart beats like thunder for you.

I love you with my whole life.

I love you the most much and Abigail loves you the least much. (She was trying to convince me to put Abigail in her crib and play with her instead.)

She is still struggling a bit with having a baby sibling, so I try to make her feel extra special. She looks forward to the weekend because she gets to sleep with me. We are planning a trip to the circus soon along with a vacation just the three of us. I hope both of my girls always know how loved they are.

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Joanna said...

The picture of you and Olivia in red is just precious. :)