Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Break Day 2

Olivia was up last night with a sore throat and now she has a cough to go with it. I had one of my really bad headaches. So we stayed home today, although I think we had fun.

Olivia drew. . .a lot. I loved her Mr. Bean drawing complete with a red tie and mole.

I mastered the art of the Moby wrap.

Well, sort of. Fifteen minutes later she was sagging pretty low. Hmm, more YouTube videos I suppose.

And I let her sit and cut up paper in the hallway. Then, glue the little pieces onto bigger pieces. And I blew up balloons ( but that was yesterday's fun.) And I thought the sicknesses and winter were behind us. Nope and it might snow this week too. Boo!

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