Friday, March 22, 2013

The iPhone

I came upon a frightening revelation the other day. I am completely addicted to my iPhone. I don't feel this is a good thing because what I do, Olivia does. And she has been a little too dependent lately on her technological toys. And it's my fault. So, I vowed that today was a no iPhone, no iPod, no iPad day. And we both only made it until about 3 pm. Then I figured out WHY this tiny device has taken over our lives. It takes the place of about 10 devices!! For example:

It is a phone and a way to connect with people. In this day and age, you have to be immediately accessible 24/7.

The iPhone has replaced the watch and the alarm clock.

It is my calendar and planner.

It replaces a GPS. With Google's new map app, it's just as good as one.

We replaced the baby monitor with a security camera which can be viewed on my iPhone.

It almost replaces my laptop computer as I use it to search the Internet, blog, check Facebook and email.

It replaces the iPod/radio and is where I listen to all my music.

We canceled cable awhile back and now use Netflix, which I can watch on my iPhone. I also downloaded a March Madness app to watch the games on. Go Wichita State!!!

I have a flashlight app instead of a flashlight.

Olivia plays tons of games (most educational) on it.

Olivia loves for me to take videos of her at least daily.

It has replaced my camera. I haven't used a real camera in months! I love the photo editing apps as well.

I don't even use a real Bible anymore as I have a bible app.

I don't use my Kindle anymore as I just read books downloaded to my kindle app.

So, good grief. . .going a day without my iPhone would be like a day without a phone, an alarm clock, calendar, GPS, baby monitor, computer, radio, television, flashlight, camera, bible and books. No wonder I'm addicted. And as convenient as it all is, what direction is this taking our lives? I don't know. Just my thoughts for the day. :-)


Brandi W. said...

I'm the same I use my iPad to type this! Ha! My Kindle has dust on it. :) Which app do you use to edit your pictures? I was looking for a good one!

Jodi said...

I use BeFunky, a Photoshop App, Fotor-PES and I'm always trying new ones.