Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Upper GI Results

Well, results are pretty much inconclusive from Olivia's upper GI. While we were standing there, we had to wait awhile for her stomach to empty. She has a lot of symptoms of gastroparesis ( or delayed stomach emptying) yet they didn't even mention it on the report. So, I'm guessing it wasn't significant? As of right now, we are still dealing with constipation, but it has improved greatly over the past few months. She doesn't purposely hold it anymore. And reflux could be a culprit and she's on Prevacid for that. So I don't know why she eats two bites and is full or why her tummy hurts after eating or why she isn't gaining any weight whatsoever. But, please keep her in your prayers.


Risa said...

Has she been on prevacid a while? it can suppress your appetite and is a common complaint from parents with kids who are taking in for reflux. We had a big problem with it when our youngest had reflux. We switched him to a different med and the difference in his appetite was amazing and almost instant.

Jodi said...

She just started in the Prevacid, but definitely something to watch for! Thanks.

Risa said...

Hopefully it won't be an issue! always nice when medicine helps things instead of just causing another problem. Sorry the upper GI didn't show anything conclusive -- it's so frustrating when you know something isn't right but can't find the problem.