Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bad Day

Just having one of those really hard days. Abigail started sleeping through the night at 3 months, but for the past week she has had me up every few hours. I'm sure that has added to my crankiness as I spent the whole morning yelling at Olivia. That makes me feel awful, but somedays getting her to get dressed and eat is impossible. Olivia actually weighs less than she did when she turned 5. I take it personal. . .like I'm not keeping her healthy. Now I'm waiting to take Abigail for her 4 month checkup which means more shots and a cranky baby. I've been struggling with my blood sugars again. Last night they were at an all-time high. I stopped my insulin when I gave birth and while nursing, my blood sugars have been great (another benefit of nursing.) I've been weaning her as she ONLY wants to nurse in the middle of the night and morning. I bottle feed her the rest of the time and pump during the day. But now I have to officially quit nursing so that I can get back on Metformin to control my blood sugars. It's either that or continue nursing and go back on insulin. I keep telling myself that I need to take care of myself, ya know? I'm just frustrated with myself. My lack of milk supply frustrates me, my blood sugars frustrate me, my inability to start an exercise program and stick to it frustrates me. Thanks. Just needed to vent. :-(

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Brandi W. said...

It's good to vent! It makes you feel better. :0) Carson and Olivia should be friends. He is VERY picky. This morning I made pancakes and gave him some fruit. He shook his head no and refused to eat at all. I finally gave him an applesauce pouch to get something in his tummy. BUT they said at preschool he is a good eater for them. Guess he's playing me? Maybe Ms. Abigail is having a little growing spurt? I remember my kids doing that. It will all work out in the end! Oh, congrats on not having a IEP! Yay Olivia! BTW, did you get a chance to ask Gannon's Mom if she could chat/email me? Hope your day gets better!