Thursday, April 18, 2013

Eye Color

I recently read that your eye color is determined by 9 months of age.  Haha!  This is Olivia when she was three years old. 


We thought she would keep her hazel eyes like daddy, but they are most definitely brown now.

photo (62)

Just wondering. . .what color are your childrens’ eyes and did they change color after 9 months of age?


Brandi W. said...

Such pretty eyes! Carson has really dark blue eyes for a week or so and they changed to a beautiful chocolate brown. Evan was born with blue eyes and at 16 months they are still blue. I hope he keeps those baby blues.

BTW, where did you get your Toms? I gotta get some!

Jodi said...

I bought them local at Tradehome shoes. But, you can buy them online at I'm sure other stores carry them. They say once you own one pair, you'll never get another kind of shoe. LOL! They come in every style and color. And for every pair you buy, they donate a pair to a child in need.

Brandi W. said...

Thanks for the info. I will look online and see if I can find a local store. That's neat that they donate shoes to a child.

Erin said...

My older two boys' eyes are blue, and always have been. I can't quite tell what color Gavin's will be, but right now they seem to be going more towards blue instead of brown. I would love for them to turn brown, so I can have at least one of my children's eye color be the same color as mine!

Alicia said...

After reading this post, I had to go back and look to see when Kylie's eyes changed....There were always dark, kinda a dark dark blue, then it just seems like one day they were dark brown. It's hard to even tell in the pictures, but at 9 months it looks like they aren't truly dark brown yet. It seemed like one day I looked at her and said "you have your daddy's eyes!"