Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I never bought into the Crocs or the Ugg boots, but yesterday I bought my first pair of Toms. You know you're a mom when an hour of free time and shoe shopping is a big deal. I really like them and I can change the appearance by the color of hidden socks that I'm wearing.

That's about the only positive thing that has happened this week. I've had endocrinologist appointments, a thyroid sonogram, fought with insurance to get the help needed for Olivia ( more about that later) and wondered how in the world Olivia's Prevacid costs $60 when we have never paid over $35 for any prescription. Oh, why can't things be simpler?? :-)

I just wanna watch Olivia draw monsters all day!
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Brandi W. said...

Love the shoes! Boo for insurance companies. I have had my fair share of them too and I never get a consistent story! Hope it all works out!