Friday, July 19, 2013

Chuck E Cheese

Well, I managed to go almost 6 years without my daughter knowing that Chuck E Cheese's even existed. We were invited to go hang out there with a friend today and I thought,"What the heck." LOL! And, I gotta say, it was the most fun I've ever had in a place that smelled like pee. . .and sweat. It was so so hot in there! But, I thought their pizza was even good. Maybe I was just hungry? Olivia had so so much fun! And Abigail was an angel, as always.

The little boy we met up with was concerned that Olivia was only going to want to play girly games. Psshhh. Olivia can keep up with the best of them. LOL! In fact, I think she wanted to ride the monster truck more times than he did. And she enjoyed shooting the spiders too. They both get along very well and are just too cute! Robby has a little sister who is about 11 months, so Abigail has a friend too.

Speaking of Abigail, she is pretty easy to keep happy. Give her food or electronics.

But, just don't take her breadstick away!

Or her remote! LOL! Who needs a girly girl, right? At least Abigail lets me put bows in her hair!

And she is so precious when she sleeps! Look at that lip! Love my girls so much! It was so wonderful to see Olivia running around today with her friend having a blast! She was having so much fun, in fact, that she didn't even notice the ever present stench of urine. Or maybe kids never notice when lured away by games, toys and rides. Haha!

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Anonymous said...

Had to laugh at this one! I have avoided Chuck E Cheese like the plague even though I know the kids would love it! Your comments about the smell may help me stay away for another couple years ;-)