Monday, July 15, 2013


These past few days have been very trying for my entire family. I apologize that I cannot go into greater detail than that. I have prayed many prayers and the majority of them have been centered around hope.

Hope in God's love for us.

Hope that there are brighter days ahead.

Hope that God never forsakes us.

Hope in God's promises.

What does this world hold for us if we do not have hope?

Tonight I was getting the mail and received an envelope from the March Of Dimes. It felt a little bulky and I was curious as to what it was, so I opened it in my car before I went inside. In the envelope was a bracelet with the word: HOPE

I proceeded to bawl for what seemed like an hour (although I think it was only about 10 minutes.) I cannot put into words the comfort that it gave me as if God was putting his own arms around my shoulders.

No matter our circumstances, I choose to believe there is always hope.

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