Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dear Teachers

Olivia has her Meet The Teacher tonight. I'm hoping the year ahead is a very positive one. I've seen those articles lately about the things every teacher wants a parent to know. My degree is in elementary education, so I somewhat understand things from a teacher's point of view. I'm just now understanding what it's like from a parent's point of view. These are some examples of things that I, as a parent, want my children's teachers to know.

1. My child is the most special child in the world. The challenge of every teacher should be to make every student in his or her class to feel that way.

2. We, as parents, are here to work with you to make our child's year successful. We know their strengths and their challenges more than anyone. Utilize those parents who are willing to help. Be open and honest with us.

3. Every child has their own unique strengths. Don't dwell on what they struggle with, but on what makes them unique. Those strengths will help them accomplish those things that are more difficult.

4. It's hard to begin a new year for the teachers, students AND the parents ( as I'm learning.) I have the same anxious feeling in the pit of my stomach that I did as a child!! Please make us all feel welcomed.

5. Love my child, nurture them, teach them and become one of those teachers that they will never forget!

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