Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday, August 12, 2012

Oh Abigail. Man. So, I had to password protect my iPhone because of her crazy shenanigans. Today she added a contact to my phone.

Yeah, I don't ever check my voicemail, but that's a post for another time (and it's better to text me!)

Later she changed this same picture to my profile picture on Facebook.

If my phone is anywhere in the room (or in my purse even) she will find it. It's like an obsession! So, I added a password that you have to use to get into my phone. Someone mentioned, though, that if you type in the wrong numbers too many times, it will lock you out. She would totally do that. LOL! She is gonna be the next Steve Jobs! Haha! Boy, she is her daddy's girl.

Anyway, I thought this picture was cute. We were reading one of Olivia's books that has her picture in it. I realized that Abigail was in the same pajamas as Olivia in the picture.

Speaking of clothes, look at this! No leggings. No tshirt. Woah.

We are working on wearing a wider variety of clothes and picking outfits out the night before. I have also started massaging her arms and legs after her baths and using a body brush and learning about the Wilbarger protocol. Just grasping for straws here and reading all I can about SPD, but she responded very positively to it!

Here is also a great article that I found about SPD.

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