Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tobey Cole

Sometimes even cats need prayers. (And, yes, my cats have middle names.) Tobey went into the vet today and they found a large lesion/open sore in his mouth. It is so bad that it is exposing a large portion of his jaw bone. We don't know anymore at this point. He goes in Monday for further testing.

This is the same cat that had diskospondylitis and almost had to have his tail amputated. He also retained 5 of his baby teeth, which caused him to have too many teeth and one punctured the roof of his mouth. He had to have his teeth pulled and surgery to repair it. And now this. All rare. All things our vet rarely sees. And he is not even 4 years old!

All I know is. . .I would have two extremely heartbroken girls if something happened to him. He has many annoying habits, but he is the best cat you could ever have for young children. Olivia and Abigail adore him (as do Ryan and I, of course.) Praying it is something easily treatable and that he is not in too much pain.

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