Sunday, October 6, 2013

My Abigail

Oh Abigail. . .she keeps me on my toes. Of course, she probably does what most kids do, but is totally different from Olivia.

I woke up this morning to find I was raising a little beaver. Olivia never once chewed on her crib! No wonder she was so patient with me this morning!

I thought it was cute how Abigail was so excited for her bath so I snapped a picture. In mid snap, she decided to crawl into the tub. I threw down my phone and grabbed her before she went head first into the tub. Her upper body strength amazes me!

The other day, she found some soap and I saw that she had it. But I didn't rush right over because I figured she couldn't pump it. Geez, I think Olivia was three before she could! Oh, but Abigail can as she squirted soap in her mouth!! So, we now have cabinet locks (never needed them with Olivia.) Then there was the time she was playing with the water in the toilet!! Ew! I'm considering toilet locks now, but afraid Olivia won't be able to open it. So we keep the bathroom door shut now.

She tries to crawl up the gate on the stairs and I'm half afraid that she will be able to do it!

And, as I was writing this, she opened her dresser drawer and shut her fingers in it. Thank you, Abigail for showing me why all those safety items exist! Our house is going to turn into a padded room!!

P.S. Promise I'm not a bad mom! ;-). Just amazed at how my children can be so different!

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