Thursday, December 19, 2013

This Girl

Who likes to climb up on one of the floors of the dollhouse to get on top of the table?

This girl.

Who pushes her car around, stands up in it and can reach about anything?

This girl.

Who loves this kitty of her sister's so much that she is getting one just like it for Christmas?

This girl.

Who pushes the piano bench over, climbs into it and tries to ride it?

This girl.

Who really likes her bowls of fruit?

Really really really likes it?

This girl.

Who is going to be 13 months old tomorrow and is going to become a big cousin??

Yep, my sweet Abigail is all of those things and more!! Thirteen months ago, our family was given a wonderful blessing! And we love her to pieces!! Can't wait for our family's blessings to continue as we welcome my sweet niece tomorrow!! Good luck Shelley, Don and Izzy! We love you!

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