Wednesday, October 5, 2016

NIne Year Checkup

Today Olivia had her 9 year checkup. . .nine years!!  Sometimes I just can't believe it!  I always post her stats here so that I'll know where to look when I need them (and inevitably lose the piece of paper it's written on.)

Weight:  45.0 lbs  = less than 3%
Height:  48 inches = 2%
BMI: 13 = 5%

Her growth is not quite as good as they want it.  I don't think it matters how tall she ends up, but for her sake, I hope she's at least over 5 ft.  When reminded of her small size, Olivia smiles and says:

God must have known I wanted to be a preschool teacher.  You don't have to be very big to do that.

I love her outlook.  If only everyone could approach life the Olivia way.

Olivia is having a bone age study done, which is basically an x-ray of her hand.  That will determine whether we need to test her growth hormones or not.  Here is a bit more information about it.

I haven't written on here about our struggles over the summer.  Sometime I will try to write a post about it.  I'll just say that Olivia now currently sees a pediatric nephrologist and urologist.  It was a stressful summer searching for answers.  It's an ongoing health issue that we've been dealing with since about May.  So, I ask for prayers in regards to that health issue, prayers for her growth, overall health and happiness.  I'm not sure anyone reads this blog anymore since I stopped blogging for quite awhile.  But, if you still read it (and have from the beginning or just started) I would love to hear from you.  Leave a comment or simply email me at  In the comment section write something about the blog as I'm known to just click through and delete messages.  Thanks!


Julie said...

I'm still reading!! I get so excited when you post a new photo of the girls. They are both changing so much!

Brian McMahon said...

I have followed your blog since the beginning, I have twin grandchildren who are nine years old today (12th October) so we have a lot in common. Thank you for posting.

Catherine (using my husbands account)

Anonymous said...

I have followed your blog since almost the beginning. I was searching something about giraffes for my grandson (born in February the same year as your twins) and the picture of your large stuffed giraffe came up in the search. I started reading about your family and became hooked. It's so good to see how great Olivia has grown up and how you have been such a great and loving mother. Thanks for sharing your world!

--Just another Grandma

State said...

I'm still reading!! It takes me a little time to hop over (obviously ;)) but I love hearing the updates of your girls. I can't believe how big they are. Olivia & Logan have always been close to my heart because I have preemie twins, one here and one who passed away. My miracle is 7 now. :)

State said...

Oops... my name should say Stace, but it autocorrected when I updated my google and can't figure out how to fix it.