Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wednesday, October 17, 2007 - Update

Olivia is doing well today. They have increased her feeds again and weaned her vent settings to 18/5 with a rate of 18. Olivia also has to have a transfusion today because she was slightly anemic. She went about 3 weeks without needing one, so that is great. She enjoyed being held by daddy last night. Olivia is opening her eyes more and more. I tell ya, it makes it so much harder to leave when she just wants to look at you. I think she is starting to enjoy having Ryan and I there more and more. I woke up this morning with an awful headache. Of course, I freaked out thinking I might be getting sick. But, now I think it was just one of my bad headaches. I’m terrified of getting sick and it makes me not want to be around any people. If I get sick, I don’t get to see my baby girl and I can’t bear the thought of missing even one day with her. So, if anyone feels like they are getting sick, please stay far away from Ryan and me. We won’t be offended, I promise.

Thank you all for your posts. Thank you to all of the other moms of 23 weekers who make me realize that I’m not the only one going through this. Shanon, I appreciated your comment about how well Olivia is doing. I truly believe that she is defying all of the odds. She had no IVH, no PVL, her PDA closed without surgery, she’s been on full feeds, etc. She is just an amazing little girl. . .stronger than I’ll ever be. What a weight on those little shoulders. I always had comfort in knowing that Logan and Olivia went through it together. As they got older, they’d each have someone who understood what it was like to be born so early. It breaks my heart that Olivia doesn’t have him anymore. Then, I remember all of the friends that Olivia and I are making who do understand.


Kinnick and Carver
Olivia and Avery
Conner, who understands what it’s like to lose a twin
Serena and Edwin Jr
Kaitlyn, who also understands what it’s like to lose a twin
Lindsey and Sydney
Cooper and Logan
Cole and Paige, who lost their triplet, Kaylee
Interesting story about Cole and Paige. . .when I first found out that I was pregnant with triplets, I was searching the Internet for everything “triplets.” I came across their website. Before I ever knew that I would need the information, I learned everything I knew about premature births. I think that was God’s way of preparing me for what was to come. This was also one of the reasons that we chose Paige as Olivia’s middle name.

How many people have that many friends before they are even 2 months old? Plus, that doesn’t count all of the neighborhood kids who pray for Olivia. She also has her cousins: Julia, Alex, Katie, Rebekah, Aidan, Isabelle and one on the way. And, the rest of her family and church and all of our friends and their kids, etc. What a support system! Thank you all so very much. Your comments and words of encouragement are so very appreciated. They help get me through each day.

I have made each of the above websites a clickable link on this page. They are listed under the heading "Friends" - Stacie

Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.

-Philippians 4:6


Sarah Furlough said...

Wow, I've been reading your story, and I am truly touched.

My husband and I had twin sons born prematurely in December 2005, Logan William (25.1 weeks) and Cooper Scott (25.6 weeks).

After 5 months, Logan passed away after battling NEC twice, IVH, pneumothorax and various infections.

Cooper is now 21 months, and he is thriving. I will pray that Olivia grows stonger with each day, and you will continue to stay strong for her.

liz.mccarthy said...

Hi, Your good friend Sherri emailed me, and I see you already know my story! Not sure if you knew, but I too had triplets to start. I"m so sorry to hear about the loss of your precious twin Logan and glad to see that Olivia is doing well.

Please come and join our Blog Moms group, you already know a lot of us!


Mandy said...

I have been thinking of all of you over the past week so much; more than ever it seems. It was so good to see the both of you at the clinic last week. You are both such strong, loving, caring and compassionate people. I think the world of the both of you. I pray for Olivia to keep growing stronger and stronger each day. She is so beautiful....I can't wait to be able to see her and in time hold her. I love the pictures of you guys with her, they are so precious. I want you to both to know that not a day goes by that i don't think of the 4 of heart breaks for your loss and it prays for only the best for Olivia. I know I have told you before, but I am here for you; if you need anything please let me know. I will continue to pray for precious little Olivia. Love, Mandy

Stacy said...

I have been reading your blog every few days. It sounds like Olivia is doing great. I'm always happy to read about your good days. It's good to have other people out there who understand completely what we are going through. Just take things one day at time and we will all get through this. We are praying for you and your family.
Stacy Larson

Anonymous said...

YAY for a new blog for me to read! So glad you joined our group. You're going to find it PERFECT for you. Please feel free to come and ask ANY question. We've all been there and know that sometimes you just need reassurance in whatever is happening with Olivia. I am praying for you as we speak! I love the music...I think we share a faith that can't be described to those who don't understand it. It's nice to have someone that can relate in that way when it comes to our babies. You seem amazing and your husband does too. Look forward to updates.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh! I love the polka-dots! It's so cute! And Ryan the picture is only complete with Olivia in your arms! I'm so sorry that this comment will be a little short, but my computer final is due at the end of this block which is over at 12:26 and I don't think it's gonna get done. So, with that I want to say that Ryan and Jodi, always know that your beautiful daughter never leaves my mind, and neither do you. Always know that you have all the support that you already need, right behind you, and know that no matter what, I'll always love you and your family.
Love you guys so much,
Wish I could talk some more!
Stay Strong,

kellarsmommy said...

Hi...I found your site through preemie blog moms...I am sorry to hear about the loss of your precious lil Logan..It seems that Olivia is doing really well...