Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday, November 16, 2007 - Update

So far, Olivia continues to do well on the nasal cannula and 30 minute feeds. They have even taken the prongs out of her nose for 30 minutes at a time and she does well. Last night she really needed her daddy after her awful eye exam. She stayed awake for her stories, but then couldn’t keep her eyes open any longer. Daddy even told her all about Thanksgiving. Speaking of which, she received her first Thanksgiving card yesterday from the same lady who made her the quilt. We have it taped onto her bed. Olivia truly has won the hearts of many.

Stacie told me something last week that really helped. People always get told, “I’m sorry for your loss.” I know that losing Logan was one of the worst things I could possibly imagine, but in truth. . . he is not lost. I know exactly where he is and we’ll be together again. In a sermon one time, the pastor had us picture a string being strung all the way around the sanctuary. This represents our eternal life. The life that we live here on earth is just maybe an inch of that. I don’t get to spend this short time on earth with Logan, but I’ll have eternity with him. In her last comment, Abby hit the nail right on the head, though. It will never get easier. It will just get more familiar. She understands as Hallie lost her twin named Olivia. Everyday I think of what it’ll be like to take my Olivia home. It’ll be so exciting, but it scares me to death. I told Ryan that I don’t want to take her home if there is any ice on the road or if it’s during rush hour. I thought maybe we could get a police escort. Just kidding. . .well, no not really. Come on, someone has to know someone who can set that up.

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Shawna said...

I know exactly what you mean about being scared. Just today Kerrick and I were going home during 5:00 traffic after babysitting. I took the long way home just to avoid having him in the crazy traffic on 135 & 235. There is so much about it that is so scary and so much that gives you some of the best feelings that you never could imagine before in your life. By the way, you are totally right about how our clothes shrank while we were pregnant.