Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wednesday, November 14, 2007 - Update

My day started with a massage and ended with a special baby in my arms . . .it was a good day. I tried kangaroo care/skin-to-skin with Olivia again and she did wonderfully. Lately, we have not been able to hold her for over 45 minutes because of her apneas/bradycardias. I held her for 2 hours tonight! She was pretty content with mom and her pacifier. She was sucking on it so vigorously that she was making all kinds of grunts and snorts that could be heard across the room. We got it on video and it is adorable. She’d fall asleep and I would take it out. When I did that, she would open her eyes and look at me like, “Why did you do that?” Even when she was asleep, she wanted it in her mouth. When I was pregnant, I remember thinking that I didn’t want my child to rely on a pacifier. Now, I think Olivia deserves anything that makes her happy.

She continues to do awesome on the nasal cannula. They are going to try the 30 minute feeds tomorrow, so please pray for her success. That’s a big step and a precursor to bottle feeds. She also has her eye exam tomorrow and we need a lot of prayers about that. Poor thing has another diaper rash that they are treating and she’s still having discharge from her eyes.

As I was holding her tonight, I wanted to remember everything about her. As much as I’d like to forget this whole NICU journey, these are the first few months of her life and I want to remember them forever. Olivia will never be 3 lbs 14 oz again (she gained another 25 grams tonight.) Thank you for watching her grow with us. Thank you for just allowing me a place to talk. Sometimes it’s very therapeutic for me and I’ve really needed it. Thank you for caring about her and praying for her. Ryan and I thank you and someday Olivia will thank you as well.


Hanson123 said...

This message is from the mom of Evan (Olivia's NICU neighbor). Evan is one of my triplets that were born a week ago. The other two are Ethan and Emma. All three are on the same team in the NICU as your beautiful Olivia. I see the both of you at the NICU all the time but we have not said hi because we did not want to intrude. My girlfriend e-mailed me your blog and I have been reading it for the past hour. :) Hopefully we will see you tomorrow and we can be properly introduced. It will be nice to talk to someone else that is going through the same thing we are. If you are interested, I also have a website dedicated to giving friends and family updates on our triplets. the website is

Hopefully we will be able to meet tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

As the mother of TWO thumb suckers-I will be giving THIS baby (God willing)a pacifier!! You can take a pacifier away, at some point, but, there's not much (I don't care what people say) you can do to deter a thumb sucker!! My 4 1/2year old is probably sucking away as we speak!!

Anyway, I wanted to pass this along. This would be a fabulous gift for Miss is a website where you can order personalized pacifiers!! How fun!-Stacy Woodard

Anonymous said...

Olivia is awsome! Thank you for sharing with us. I look forward to it every day. Your blog really keeps us in touch. You are a great Mom, enjoy every minute as they grow up soooo fast. She is really special. MJ

abby said...

We wish Hallie still sucked on her pacifier. Now she'll just grab another kid's (out of his or her mouth....great) and put it in her own, but won't use her paci very often. It would be useful as a self-soothing device and teach her a lot of self soothing skills.

Back in the NICU, though, she was a pacifier champ. We bought her this great one called the Wubbanub---it's one of several tiny stuffed animals attached to a Soothie pacifier and the baby can hold the animal in his/her hand while sucking.

Anonymous said...

Ryan and Jodi, Thank you for sharing your journey. We have come to love your family. My daughter (she is 4)and I were listening to "When God Made You" from your player on the blog page. I asked her "Why did God make you?" Her reply was "So people can see Him in me." Out of the mouths of babes. I think if we all remember this simple truth, life seems worth it. Hang in there, Hold tight, Prayers are coming your way.
The Kohl's lady

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone! I'm so glad to hear that Livi is doing wonderful! (As usual) In her picture she looks so precious! She seems to be doing well with the kangaroo care too! I'm glad that mom and daughter got to have some quality time. (Those boy talks can never be givin too early. As I hear Livi will be a fiesty little girl!)
Jodi, it sounds like you were treated like royalty yesterday as you started your day with a massage and ended it with your lovely daughter in your arms! That sounds so magical! It must have felt good to be able to hold your 'little treasure' for 2 whole hours!
Keep the pictures coming! And keep up the great work everyone! (Mom, Dad, and Olivia!)
Love you all!
Stay Strong,

Anonymous said...

Our little peanut is sure getting "big"! She's beautiful! Good Job Olivia (and mom and dad)-
Julie at AmFam in Evergreen, CO

Shannon said...

I have been catching up on Olivia for the past half hour and I am sooo happy that she is doing well!!! It is hard to catch up on so many little ones when you aren't around for a while. Ashton has been pretty sick. I had to call 911 on Wednesday. So maybe you could say a prayer for him while I say one for little Olivia?!? Or should I say BIG Olivia now? :)