Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday, November 30, 2007 - Update

I went up to see Olivia this morning and we worked on her bottling again. She is really struggling and it seems that every nurse has a different opinion about it. I guess that’s a good thing, however, as we’ll keep trying to see what works. The latest opinion is that she has a very strong sucking reflex and is getting too much milk at once causing her to choke on it and drop her heart rate. So, we switched her to a low flow nipple and tried her with that. She took 20 ccs of it and I think it helped some, but she still managed to have two pretty major bradys. She has done better for me on the previous nipples. I met with lactation to discuss it and I have an appt with them Monday morning to try breastfeeding again with a nipple shield. They seem to think that might be what she needs. Breastfeeding, of course, is more work for babies and we don’t want her to get too tired. She also has trouble staying awake for her feeds. It doesn’t matter to me which way we feed her. I will do whatever Olivia needs. She continues to remain off of the nasal cannula except for feedings. She did gain over 80 grams last night and now weighs 4 lbs 14 oz. What a celebration it will be when she makes it to 5 lbs!

Our veterinary clinic called us this morning. For those of you who don’t know me, I am a huge animal lover and Ryan is allergic to dogs and cats. So, I have 6 guinea pigs and 2 rats. Ryan likes them because they are contained. We have an unfinished room in the basement for them complete with a mini-fridge to store their yummy veggies. Our vet called to let me know that they have 2 litters of baby rats that they are trying to find homes for. At any other time of my life, I would have rushed to the vet to find a new, little furry friend. If I got more, however, I’d need a bigger cage and I have trouble finding the time to spend with the animals that I have. I told you previously about the volunteers who come to cuddle babies. . .I am in need of volunteers to come and cuddle my piggies and rats.

Anyway, please keep Olivia in your prayers. I pray that we figure out what she needs to take her oral feeds successfully. This is one of the last hurdles that she has to get over in order to come home.


Anonymous said...

Hey! You know I'm an animal lover! I would love to come over and cuddle furry cute cuddly animals. Just let me know when!


Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze me! Very seldom do we ever hear about your needs, because you're always trying to meet others. God put a double portion of Love in when He made you! Mary and Ed

Anonymous said...

I woke up to such a gloomy morning that I hadn't gotten much done, but as soon as I turned on my computer and saw the new pictures - well they brightened up my day by 200%! The 3 of you all look better - Mom & Dad look a little more relaxed and of course Mom's "New Do" is quite becoming. I
really do like it. It goes without saying that you, Olivia, just get more beautiful each day! You just keep on eating and doing as the doctors say and before long you will be going home and that is what we are all praying for - but not before it is time. As it says in a song "you've come a long way, baby!" All 3 of you just "hang-in-there" Love, M.A.

Anonymous said...

The nipple shield worked wonderful for my 26 weeker!!! It did take a while, but it helped her to latch on. It also provides a little reserve for the milk so it doesn't come out too fast for Olivia when you have "let down". I don't know if anyone else has suggested this to you but you might try pumping before you nurse that way she doesn't have to work so hard and hopefully it will lessen her frustration. Good Luck!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Olivia! I'm so glad that she is continuing to gain weight so well! She really is wonderful! Her new pictures are precious! I can't get over how well she is doing! It's absolutely amazing, the eye exams she's passed, the bottles she's emptied and the weight gain she has accomplished.

Olivia has probably been the best thing in my life. She has shown me that through anything, you can succeed. I love her willingness to try new things; bottles and pacifiers...etc. She has truely been someone to look up to! A complete hero in my eyes!
Livi, I love you ooddles and gobs and you have done so much for me in my life. You have definately given me a new outlook on life. With the passing of your brother, I have really lived everyday to it's fullest. And I have you two to thank. You also have given me so much courage and bravery, and I'm so truely thankful! You will always have a special place in my heart.

Love you all!
Stay Strong,

Anonymous said...

Wow, I remember those days when feeding and O2 were the only things keeping us at WMC.

Is Olivia working with the speech therapist for her feeding? We had the ST come daily to work with her and with me. Then she'd leave orders in K's chart as to how the nurses should feed and burp her. Some of the RN's thought they knew best, but K was way, way different than anyone (still is at nearly 8 yrs old!) and needed her *own* way. They can be SOOOO stubborn (the babies...well, and the RN's :-)).

Kellie was in the SCN and Mother/Baby unit for six weeks *just* learning how to bottle. She didn't make it home until 4 weeks past her due date because of it. She didn't need a g-tube, but then she also stopped eating at home.

If we still lived in Wichita, we'd not only take those rats from the vet, but we'd also come snuggle your furry friends, too!