Monday, November 26, 2007

Sunday, November 25, 2007 - Update

Olivia has had a fantastic day! When I fed her at 3:00 pm today she did very well and took about 20 ccs. Her coordination was wonderful and she seemed to know what she was supposed to do. After she finished eating, we had our daily mother/daughter cuddle time. She started stirring again at about 5:15 pm and kept opening her mouth. We gave Olivia her pacifier and she started sucking on it very persistently. Ryan and I looked at each other and thought, “I wonder if she’s hungry.” She eats every 3 hours and only 2 ½ hours had passed, but her nurse warmed her up another bottle anyway. (She is now taking breast milk with human milk fortifier. When she gets home, we will mix my milk with Similac NeoSure.) We gave Olivia her bottle and she snarfed down 45 ccs in 10 minutes!! I was so impressed that she figured out that if she’s hungry, she needs to put something in her mouth. She did fantastic and probably would have eaten more!! She bottle feeds very well on her terms, not ours. If she doesn’t want to eat at a certain time, she won’t. Afterwards, she got cuddle time with daddy and didn’t want to go to sleep. She was awake for about an hour smiling at daddy as he sang her songs and made funny sounds and faces. I cannot even begin to describe how adorable she is!!

I thought I would share 2 websites with you. Both of these groups were responsible for the ornament that we received in memory of Logan.
Agap├ęCare Cradle is a special nonprofit licensed funeral center in Wichita.
Wesley Medical Center belongs to Pediatrix Medical Group. When you pull up the website, go to Parents and Patients. There you can learn all about the procedures, equipment, medications and tests used to treat newborns in the NICU.


Miracles said...

This is great news!! It won't be long before she's home!!

Sammie said...

She might make it home by Xmas! Sounds like she is doing great now!
Thanks for visitng us!