Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday, December 14, 2007 - Update

Olivia and I just laid around and did nothing today. . a lot of snuggling and sleeping and playing. She has done great with her bottles today. We have been doing a lot of tummy time and her neck and head control is getting better every day. Ryan and I have discovered that she seems to be developmentally around a 2-3 month old. She is awake more and more everyday. Today I put her in her crib after she fell asleep and when I came back in to check on her a little later, she was wide awake and looking around. She is constantly observing the world around her and doesn’t want to go to sleep and miss out on anything. I still can’t believe what a good baby she is. She is an absolute joy!


Anonymous said...

We are so glad you are finally able to enjoy just being. Just being together, just being still, just being relaxed, just being. Olivia is so cute and Jodi, you are so creative. What a wonderful poem you wrote to those nurses. We will continue our prayers for your family.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you two are finally experiencing some true 'mother-daughter' time. It's so exciting to hear that she is still doing splended. I'm so happy for all three of you. It's so great to hear that she is still gaining weight too.
It's still so amazing to me how far she and the both of you have come. I mean, if anyone could do it, I knew it would be Ryan and Jodi, and especially Olivia.
Love you all!
Stay Strong,

I pray that her neck muscles will continue to get stronger.