Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday, March 31, 2008 - Update

It was on March 31, 2007 that Olivia, Logan and Baby B were conceived by our 8th IUI. I don't remember a whole lot about that day. It was a Saturday so Ryan and I were able to go to the clinic together. Normally, he would go a few hours before me. At least I can say that we were together when they were conceived.

My favorite nurse, Mary, did the procedure. She was telling us about how great her success rate had been lately. Everyone there would laugh because every pregnancy test that came back positive had Mary's name on it. Because it was a Saturday, I didn't have to go back to work. I just went home and stayed in bed the rest of the day. . .and prayed. Finally, my prayers were answered. Well, not exactly. You see, I had heard stories of miscarriages, stillborns and infant loss and I distinctly remember praying that if something like that would happen to me. . .I'd rather not get pregnant at all. I didn't feel I was strong enough to handle something like that. I'm now thankful for unanswered prayers. I went on to miscarry Baby B, give birth 17 weeks too soon and lose my precious Logan. But, if God had chosen to protect me from those losses. . .I wouldn't have my Olivia. Every day I am so thankful for her.


Kerry said...

I'm so glad those prayers weren't answered, but I sure wish you wouldn't have had to go through miscarriage and Logan's death. I'm sure you still have days when you get angry that you and Ryan had to experience such pain, but I'm glad that today is a day that you draw comfort in knowing that God answered your prayer for Olivia.

Oh and can we see more videos please!?!? :0)

Anonymous said...

Hanson Triplet Mom Here....It is so funny you say Mary was your favorite nurse...Mary was also ours. We had to try IUI six times so by then we knew the nurses their pretty well. I almost want to go in and take the kiddos in to meet them but I am afraid they will not remember me.