Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wednesday, April 2, 2008 - Update

Did you hear that I am over 11 lbs?
I'm a big girl!

Since there are others dealing with problems such as reflux and vomiting, I thought I would share what seems to work for us. We have seen a slight decrease with the Prevacid and the Enfamil AR, but we finally found something that works for her. It has been suggested many times to feed her smaller meals more frequently. The trick was finding the right amount and frequency. Since she has most of her problems at night, we didn't make any adjustments to her daily routine. She still takes as much as she wants about every 3 hours during the day. After 5 pm, however, we only feed her about 80 ccs (about 2.5 oz) every 1.5 hours. Sorry, we measure her formula intake in ccs or mL. . . .old NICU habit, I guess. So, instead of waiting three hours and trying to feed her 160 ccs only to have her throw up half of it, we feed her 80 ccs, wait an hour and a half and feed her the rest. It works beautifully. Her stomach just can't take that much all at one time . . .even when she seems to want more. She does best when her stomach doesn't get too full or too empty. Plus, we've been able to get her to take 20-21 oz per day this past week. We are supposed to start her on cereal this month. Now that we finally have everything under control, I'm a little hesitant to throw something new into the mix. Keep your fingers crossed.


RyanAndrew2007 said...

Olivia is so beautiful. I love her precious smile! I'm glad you have figured out a good feeding routine that helps with the reflux. That has got to be a big relief.

Love to You All,

Nix said...

We were told that solids don't come up as easy as liquids, so maybe the cereal will be a good thing!

Hilary said...

She is such a cutie and a miracle! I read your blog a fwe weeks ago and it is a very precious story!! God is good!! Keep the updates coming :)

Chris&AnnMarie said...

Thanks for posting! Our pedi told us as well to feed smaller amounts every 2 hours. Hopefully, he will be started on reflux meds soon to help also (I am waiting to here back from the doctor.) I have definetely noticed the reflux becoming worse and worse. Thanks again!

Ann Marie