Thursday, March 13, 2008

Old Mother West Wind

Here's an old picture of Olivia getting a hug from Johnny Chuck

Everyone probably wonders where Olivia's woodland friends come from. They come from the Old Mother West Wind series of books that Ryan's mom read to him as a child. I thought I'd share our favorite chapter from this book:

After this book, we began reading The Adventures of Johnny Chuck. This book has a very special place in my heart. You see, we began reading this particular book to Olivia and Logan each night while I was pregnant. It was in the middle of this book that I unexpectedly went into labor. So, we took the book to the NICU. We would read a chapter to Logan and then walk over and read the same chapter to Olivia. Sadly, Logan never got to hear the end of the story.


Kerry said...

I'm 100% sure Logan heard the rest of the story.

Don said...

From the picture, it looks like Johnny Chuck did find the best thing in the world.....Olivia Paige!!

Don said...

Well.....I didn't mean to imply that Olivia was a "thing" know what I mean....but, come to think of it, she IS a "Sweet Thing"!