Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday, April 25, 2008 - Update

I'm walking to say thank you for saving Olivia's life.
I'm walking in memory of Logan William 08-27-07 to 09-28-07

Tomorrow is the March for Babies. We have raised over $2,000 and from what I understand, we are going to be one of the largest teams there. Yesterday, when I went to the March of Dimes office, I was even asked to consider being a local ambassador family sometime in the years to come. I believe Olivia would be a wonderful ambassador for I believe that she embodies everything that is miraculous in this world. (I would just have to get over my fear of public speaking. . I'm a writer, not a speaker.) Thank you to everyone for your support. This cause is very important to me. Many days I am haunted by the reality of everything that has happened over the last 8 months. I often wonder, "What if I would have asked different questions or described my symptoms differently?" Maybe they would have done different tests and caught something that could have prevented my preterm labor. . .maybe Logan's life would have been saved and maybe Olivia would have been able to grow up with her twin brother. But, I just didn't know. I was under the false assumption that my pregnancy was going great. How could they have been so wrong? After being sent home from the hospital, I began to question my own instincts. They were safe and happy one second and the next they were fighting for their lives. If I could have just postponed their delivery for a few more weeks. . .Logan might still be here. I will forever question why they had to be born so extremely premature. I couldn't save my son's life, but maybe I could help save other babies, like my precious Olivia, in the future.

The March of Dimes not only helps save the lives of babies born prematurely, but they are funding research that helps predict and prevent preterm labor. In the future, I hope no one will have to go through what many of us have gone through.

I look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow morning! Let's continue to pray for nice weather. If the weather is nice, we plan on bringing Olivia. It's not too late to come or to donate money to our team. I am looking forward to showing everyone how many lives Olivia and Logan have touched!


Kerry said...

They both touched my life that's for sure. Thank you. Olivia is a very special "ambassador". I can't wait to see all she does. I will see you both tomorrow (keeping fingers crossed that the rain waits until after the walk).

Love always,


abby said...

Have fun tomorrow!

And Olivia looks gorgeous and so big...that's great to see!