Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday, April 21, 2008 - Update

It's another beautiful day here in Kansas. I grabbed my iPod, put on some shorts and headed out to take a walk with Olivia. That was not in Olivia's plans and she cried the entire time. We made it down the street and back. She had other ideas of how she wanted to spend the afternoon.

Ryan spent his afternoon at the dentist where he got some not so good news. Our family really needs some good dental insurance if Olivia is going to take after her parents. I actually thought of a story that I don't believe I have yet shared. It's a good story. Soon after I had met Ryan, I was unsure about pursuing another relationship. . .I was tired of getting hurt. So, I prayed for God to let me know whether Ryan was "the one" or not. A few short weeks later, Ryan and I were at my parents house one evening. My parents were up in the bedroom and we were out on my parents' deck in the backyard. We were talking about all of those early relationship things and we came upon the topic of dentists and learned an interesting thing about one another. . .so interesting that I ran inside and hollered at my parents. This may sound silly, but it was at that moment that I knew Ryan and I were meant to be. We both have a fake tooth. . .in the same exact spot. Ryan originally had a tooth there, but I never had a permanent tooth in this spot and neither did my dad. So, if Olivia has a permanent tooth there. . .most likely Logan would not have. To this day, I believe that our teeth (or lack thereof) brought us closer together and that God does indeed have a sense of humor.


Anonymous said...

That is so crazy! But it's so cool! I can't wait until Saturday! How can I be sure that I am on the team? I gave a pledge but I don't know if that puts me on the team, so Jodi, if I'm not already, will you please put me on Livi's team. That would be great! Thank you so much!


Don said...

This is Jodi's Dad. I have one more interesting thing to say on the absence of that tooth. My Mother, who died in 1971, also had the same missing tooth....I believe I am correct on that, as I remember. So, isn't that interesting?