Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday, May 22, 2008 - Update

I have no idea how Olivia knew that David Cook would win from the beginning. Kinda weird. Future talent scout, maybe?

Anyway, my soap opera is doing a premature birth story line. Part of me is thankful for that as a way to spread awareness. I can't help but find all of the things that they are doing wrong, however. They haven't disclosed how premature the little boy was, and that makes a huge difference. The doctor said, "I've delivered babies as early as 24 weeks. . " so he's no 23-weeker like Olivia. Despite the inconsistencies with the storyline, I still cried when Kayla was giving birth. It was very difficult to be told to push when you know that you are thrusting your baby into a world that they are not ready for. Thoughts of that will always bring tears to my eyes as will the fact that I'll never be 100% sure of what caused my premature labor. They are pretty sure that it was due to an incompetent cervix, but I've talked to other people who were told that as well. It's after having a cerclage put in and delivering prematurely again. . .that they realize it was in fact caused by something else entirely. On top of that, other people who have had vertical c-sections have been advised not to have any more children. I have a wonderful family, however, and Olivia is everything I could ask for in a daughter. The three of us have this amazingly strong bond. We've been through so much. . .the three of us. We couldn't have gotten through everything without each other.

Oh, and ladies. . .I had a great time at Kobe's last night. It was nice to get out for a girl's night. Thank you.


Amanda said...

okay- seriously- I havent written in a while cause our computer ws down... but we seriously have more in common than I can believe.. seriously... things that I havent told you but that I have read in your blog and thought..." crazy"... or things that I was thinking and then I'd read it in your blog!.. but anyways! Your talking about Days of our Lives right?! Kayla and Steve?.. yeah.. Im sure it is.. but... also I LOVE David Cook too! He is awesome! Gotta go.. the babys crying! hope to hear from you soon! Olivia is lookinh great! and I likfe the new layout:) talk to you soon!

Rhondi said...

Ah, kayla, steve & crazy Ava. The day before she gave birth, Stephanie said in a phone conversation, "She can't give birth now! She's only 26 weeks pregnant! It's too early!" So there's your answer of how premature she was. I have never met you, but we have something in common!
Your daughter is darling.

Anonymous said...

Crazy huh...? I was so glad that David Cook won! I was cheering for him because I knew Livi was. It was so thrilling to hear his name called. I was happy for Livi that her man won!

Jodi, I had no idea you were a Days fan. Me too! I remember when I was little my mom and I would watch it faithfully. But I got worse and worse as I got older because I got busier and busier. But I have class with my mom during the time that it's on, and so I get to watch bits and pieces at school to keep me somewhat updated. So that's so cool, I always try to watch the first half before I go to swim lessons but usually that doesn't happen.

Pray for the Maize Soccer team as we head up for Olathe tomorrow, we are going to State! I'm so excited!

Talk to everyone soon!
Love you guys!
Stay Strong,

Anonymous said...

I had a great time too!!! It was great to see you again! I hope we get together a lot more during the summer!