Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesday, May 6, 2008 - Update

My mom and dad say that I have to wear this patch.
But, it doesn't match any of my outfits.

I wasn't quite expecting it to be. . .but, it was a little heartbreaking to put a patch over my baby's eye. I forget that Olivia's been through a lot and this is nothing. She doesn't seem to mind it at all. It's almost as if she enjoys the different perspective it gives her when looking at familiar objects. She is just an amazing little girl. We have to have it on 4 waking hours of the day. She has been sleeping quite a bit today and as of 2 pm. . .she has had it on for 6 hours. Once she wakes up, we have 30 more minutes until I can take it off. I hope we can see a bit of improvement by next week.


Kerry said...

She really is amazing Jodi. You should be so proud. What a cutie even with a patch (that doesn't match)! Maybe you could put cute stickers on it!

Jazen said...

Hi There,

I read your blog through Coy's and read his through a mother's prayer group that I belong to. My son, who is 5 has worn a patch since he was 3. We've also had surgery. One trick that works nicely for removing the patch is to dab a bit of Maalox with a cotton ball around the eye. It makes taking the patch off extremely easy and painless. Saves eyebrows, too. Also, there is website Ortopad, USA. It has cute decorative patches. There is a boys pack and a girls pack. My son loves the footballs and cammo. Here is the link: http://ortopadusa.com/sp-bin/spirit?PAGE=5&CATALOG=5

If you would like to chat about the eye thing I would love to. It was difficult for me, but nothing compared like you said.

Jodi said...

Thank you for the suggestions. It was pretty painful for her when I removed it.

Jazen said...

I hope the Maalox helps. You all are in my prayers.