Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuesday, June 3, 2008 - Update

I love being a mom. I love everything about it. . .even the sleepless nights and the poopie diapers. I often wonder why I had to work so hard to become a mother. I think I'm pretty good at it. . .it comes natural and Olivia is a very happy little girl. I don't know. . .you'd think that God would want his children raised by parents who absolutely love them. That's not always the case. And why wouldn't He allow me to raise Logan? I loved him with my whole heart. I guess some things we aren't meant to understand.

I love watching Olivia grow and learning more about her everyday. She is not only afraid of hailstorms, but of anything that sounds like hail (such as the ice maker or certain rattles.) When we're in the car, I can only see her feet, but I can tell whether she's awake or not. When she's awake, her feet are crossed. . .when she's asleep, they aren't. I love the grin that she gives me when I put her in her high chair. I love it when she makes her Oooooooh sound. . .it reminds me of a little dove. I don't think I could have been blessed with a more wonderful daughter.


Heather said...

You're a natural chica:) Olivia is a very lucky little lady.

Anonymous said...

I remember something Ryan told me once about a sermon he heard that tried to illistrate the tiny little dot that is our whole life. Some things it is impossible to see from our tiny, human perspective. It takes being able to look through the eyes of the great I AM to know what purpose our pain might serve in His grand design. Your question about why all babies aren't loved and why all loved babies don't live is a mind boggling one. I really don't know the answer except that the answer in in the great I AM and I trust Him. He has said over and over that everything is meant to bring glory to Him. Logan's life has done that in countless ways. As has Olivia's. Each differently and each according to God's plan. I love how honest you are and yet how God honoring you are in all your posts. Just keep remembering how much God loves you. I can only imagine the continued pain not having Logan at home with you creates. I am so sorry for your pain. Lord, I pray the power and comfort of the Holy Spirit would strengthen Jodi and Ryan this day. May they experience peace that passes understanding. Not peace the world gives but peace from You.
As always my verse seems to fit: Taste and see that the Lord is good. Blessed is the one who trusts in Him. I don't think that means you will get special blessings but that trusting God is a blessing in itself that cannot be explained only experienced.