Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Walk On The Wild Side

Today the three of us visited Tanganyika Wildlife Park. It just opened to the public last week and is literally across the street from where we live. Before some of you rush out to visit, however, I would probably suggest that you wait about a year or so. Most of it is still under construction and there are not many animals out on exhibit. It has the potential to be an amazing place and it was worth it for me to see the babies in the animal nursery.

Wanna ride?

Baby clouded leopards

Baby lemur

I also wanted to mention that we received a plaque from the March of Dimes for raising over $2000 during the March for Babies. We were also mentioned in the March of Dimes newsletter because the Olivia and Logan team came in third for raising the most money for a family team. Way to go everybody! All I can say is. . .watch out for next year because we'll have t-shirts and all!

And, the 4th of July is coming up and I'm sure many of you will be purchasing some fireworks. If you live here in town, why not purchase fireworks and help out Olivia's church as well? Visit our church's fireworks tent in Maize KS. Look for the big white tent in the Maize Middle School parking lot (which is actually my old high school.)


Kerry said...

It was bothering me that there were no comments for this post. I want to go to that place when it gets up and running. Every time I drive by I crane my neck to see if I can see the giraffes. One time I almost drove into the ditch trying to see. Whoops.

Jodi said...

Thanks Kerry, I can always count on you!