Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wordless Wednesday


Kerry said...

Love it!!

I had a dream last night that I babysat Olivia and took her to a rodeo. Yeah how weird is that?!

Heather at A Boy, A Girl, & A Pug said...

Now that, my friend, is just to freakin' cute! Where ever did you find that!!

And Kerry-that was a weird dream! I am sure Olivia would love it though!

Anonymous said...

Wow, look at that cute little girl. Look at all that hair!!
Too Cute!!

Jodi said...

The outfit was a gift from Laura, Joel, Julia and Rebekah (I believe so?) I finally got a picture of it as she's starting to outgrow it. And, she is starting to get a bit of hair in the back! Doesn't she have the perfect little cowlick?

Heather at A Boy, A Girl, & A Pug said...

Doesn't it stink when they start to outgrow all of their cute little outfits?! However, in Olivia's case, it is WONDERFUL that she is growing so well!

I love her hair. It's funny how one day it's not there and the next day it's everywhere! I swear that is what happened with Ella!