Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thursday, July 3, 2008 - Update

Olivia has had a busy couple of days that included visits from Nurse Holli, Shea and lunch with Grandma Mary at Olive Garden. What a popular girl!

I'm looking forward to spending a three day weekend as a family. I haven't seen much of my husband the last few days because he's been working at the fireworks stand after work until 10 pm. I don't think we'll be doing our normal fourth of July festivities, however, because I don't think Olivia would be too fond of the noise. (I wouldn't be too fond of her inhaling all of the smoke.)
Olivia and Shea

Shea also caught these adorable pictures of Olivia at church a few weeks ago. Thanks Shea!


Anonymous said...

We dropped by the NICU today and saw nurse Holli... she said she visited and you even went to a restaurant. Glad you're having fun with visitors and getting a chance to get out! Did you fill out a card for the NICU reunion yet?

Kim said...

I am so glad that Shea got to come play with you. You look adorable in your tank top!
Aunt Kimmy

Anonymous said...

I love the piture of Shea and Olivia! Shea already knows what a great gal I think she is. I am so proud of the selfless intrest she has shown in Olivia all the way along. Maybe you can be an honorary cousin, Shea.