Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Big Cart Crack-Up

I wasn't going to post anything more today, but I had to share a story about our trip to Target. Ryan, Olivia and I went to Target to do some birthday shopping for Olivia. This is probably the only year that we will be able to take her with us. Ryan was holding Olivia and I grabbed a cart. As we ventured into the store, we noticed that our cart made a clunk, clunk noise. We didn't want to be annoyed by it the whole time, so we turned around to grab a new cart. As we did, Olivia started laughing loudly. We realized that she thought the cart was making a hilarious sound. Of course, we then had to keep the cart. As we walked around Target with our clunky cart, Olivia continued belly-laughing which cracked up not only Ryan and me, but a few other people in the store as well. A Target employee even asked us if she was laughing because we were laughing. We tried to explain that she was laughing at the cart. Her laugh is so sweet and infectious that she made many people smile tonight. I was so proud to be the mom of the laughing baby.

We ended up buying her quite a few toys and books for her birthday. I'm sure none of them will be quite as amusing as that silly, clunky cart.


Anonymous said...

That is WAY too cute! I'm so glad you got a bit of a chance to show off your little girl! As you get to go out with her more often, you will enjoy those sweet looks and comments others make so much, since you had to miss out on them this past year! We love taking our guy out now and getting to be so proud of him!!

Don said...

There are people who chose to believe that grabbing that particular cart was just a coincidence....but I choose to believe that God does indeed work in mysterious ways! A simple trip to Target became an event that you'll never forget ....GREAT!!!

Olivia's Proud Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Your dad is so right, I also choose to believe that God indeed have something to do with this cart noise and made your trip to target so awesome.

God is Awesome and He made simple things in life so wonderful!

Amanda said...

That is hilarious! I am so glad that you got the laugh that hard! Laughing if good for the soul :) Olivia would LOVE the Walmart here in Ohio cause ALL the carts are CLUNKY! lol... keep up the laughing Olivia!

Cristi said...

Wow, shouldnt we be more like sweet Olivia. Wouldnt it be great if the things that iritated us could only make us smile instead? LOL