Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday, August 1, 2008 - Update

My cousins, Julia and Rebekah, have such caring hearts.

Please check on this family whose 15 month old son, Sully, is losing the battle with leukemia.

Sometimes it's easy to ignore other people's battles when it doesn't affect you personally. We're only human and sometimes we get caught up in our own life struggles. On a daily basis, every one of us has our own things to worry about. We never know, however, when our life is going to be touched by cancer, premature birth, the death of a loved one and many more unimaginable things that we feel will never happen to us. Going through all I've been through in the last year. . .it has meant so much to me for others to take such an active part in what I'm going through. You have read my blog, left comments, sent cards, donated to March of Dimes, participated in the March for Babies, learned about premature birth and made a special place in your heart for Logan and Olivia. Thank you.

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