Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Go For The Gold, Baby!

How about playing the piano with my feet? Is that an Olympic sport? No?
Rolling over? No?
How about just being cute? Could I get a gold medal for that?

Only Stacie will find the humor in the title of my post. :) Anyway, I love the Olympics and look forward to watching it every 2 years. . .summer or winter, I love them both. I'm always so disappointed when they're over. Of course I missed the big 4 X 100m men's relay race where the USA took the gold. Ryan and I were probably cleaning up vomit. Olivia has thrown up the past two nights. We had gone weeks without any vomit. I'm not sure if it's due to her teething, her increase in bottles, decrease in baby food or the fact that she tried some baby yogurt on Sunday (and loved it.) So, we're back to dealing with that again along with the teething. . poor baby girl.

I just thought I'd mention the Olympics so that I could bring up Ian Thorpe and how disappointed I am that he retired. Was it wrong to cheer for an Australian in the 2004 Olympics? I enjoy watching Michael Phelps claim gold after gold and I like the synchronized diving and the gymnastics too. It makes you wonder about the potential of the human body. If all of those athletes can push their bodies to such extreme limits, you'd think I'd be able to run down to the mailbox without getting winded.

Thanks to my dad for helping me with a few things today and to my uncle Chris D. (I have two uncle Chris's) for your generous help as well. I really appreciate it.


Kerry said...

I too love watching the Olympics, especially gymnastics. I did see the 4 x 100 Relay and it was AWESOME! I don't blame you for missing the Thorpedo! He's hot.

Sorry to hear about Olivia's vomiting. Hopefully it is just those pesky teeth causing all the problems. Too bad you can't tell her how the pain is all worth it in the end when she can eat french fries and pizza!!

Stacie said...

Jodi!! haha ... Go For Da Gold, Baby! I had totally forgotten about that. However, it made me laugh.

Jason and I have been watching the Olympics too and are really enjoying it. Did you see your Ian in the stands last night? He was there watching Michael Phelps swim.

I'm sorry to hear Olivia has started vomiting again. Hopefully it will only be temporary and will get better as her teeth come in.

Wonder if the next time I see her she will have a sweet toothy grin?