Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh, What A Night

Last night, I kept muttering to myself. . "Are you kidding me?" as sleep continued to elude me. Here is how the night went:

9:00 pm Olivia is sleeping peacefully in her crib.

9:15 pm Olivia wakes up. Daddy goes in, picks her up, we put on some lullaby music and she goes back to sleep.

9:30 pm Ryan and I enjoy the Olympic games.

11:30 pm Decide that the Olympics is on way too late. We turn off the t.v. and go to bed.

11:45 pm Olivia wakes up crying. I get up and rock with her.

Midnight Olivia is back to sleep. I crawl back into bed.

12:15 am Olivia wakes up crying. I get up and rock with her.

12:25 am I am still rocking her and she falls back to sleep. Then, the SMOKE ALARM goes off!! I jump out of the chair, Olivia wakes up and I run in to get Ryan. He checks everything out. No fire or smoke.

12:45 am I decided just to sleep with Olivia on the floor in her room. I'm a little worried that there is a fire somewhere that we don't know about. I want to make sure that I can get to Olivia. Olivia goes back to sleep and I am almost to sleep.

1:00 am The smoke alarm goes off again!! Wakes everybody up. . .can you see a pattern here? It went off yet again a few hours later.

In the morning, I realized that I'm too old to sleep on the floor. Ryan changed the batteries in the smoke detectors over the weekend and they seem to beep more often everytime the batteries are changed. But, I don't ever remember them going off in the middle of the night. We are now missing a smoke detector and Ryan's going to go to Home Depot after work. Oh, what a night!


Stacie said...

As I read your post I found myself laughing - not at you ... but with you!

We have had the exact same problem going on in our house for the past month. Our smoke alarms NEVER go off during the day, but it never fails the moment we go to sleep they start beeping.

We've had to get up more than once from a deep sleep to back the truck out of the garage to get the ladder out so we could look at the alarm.

We've replaced batteries and the darn things are still beeping. So, we now have 2 'holes' in our ceiling where we have taken down 2 of our smoke alarms. We have left the one in the living room for just in case ... but the darn things kept going off like they were possessed! And, they wouldn't go off every night - just every now and then ... drove us bonkers.

So - I totally sympathize with you guys. I know how loud and shrieking that noise is in the middle of the night. (I know that is the point! haha)

Hope you get a more restful sleep tonight.

Hilary said...

Bless your heart! Hopefully the new one won't keep you up tonight..teething is soo horrible. All you can do is give them Tylenol and teething tabs..have you tried them? I thought they were a waste and wouldn't work then we tried them and they seemed to work..I tried them and they tasted fruity :) Hang in there and each sun rise brings hope for a better day :)

Amanda said...

I also amd not laughing AT you, but so glad to hear that I am not the only one that says "are you kidding me!" in the middle of the night when the child wakes up for the 5th time! and why is it that its right when you seem to totally get into an actual sleep that they decide to wake up?! lol.... My 3 year old, didnt start sleeping through the night till he was 2 1/2! But Nate already does- kids are just all different! But I hope in your case its just her teeth! I also have used the teething tablets, they seem to work better than the gel!