Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Olivia Paige!

A few days old
1 month - Fighting hard 2 months - Off the ventilator

3 months - In special care, ready to go home in a few weeks.

4 months - Home in time for Christmas

5 months

6 months

7 months

8 months

9 months

10 months

11 months

Can you believe that I'm one year old?

I have more that I want to write about for her first birthday, but with Olivia sick. . it's not going to happen anytime soon. So, I'm going to ask all of you to write instead. Because they had to put me out for my emergency c-section, some details of that day are sketchy. Even after waking up, I just remember needing to push the little button to give me more pain meds.

So, how did you find out about Olivia and Logan's birth? Or for those of you who came later. . .how did you find our blog? Please join me in wishing Olivia the happiest birthday that she can have while learning about what it's like to be sick.


Nix said...

Happy birthday Olivia, I wish you a very happy year to come and many more. I also hope you get better soon and don't worry your mummy too much.

I can't remember how I found your blog, I was looking for other preemies at that time and found yours through the blog link network

Shanan said...

Happy Birthday sweet Olivia! You have had an amazing year and have showed us all what strength is. I found your blog through Shelley Sailing and have been keeping up everyday! Your a beautiful, happy little girl. Have the best day ever and feel better soon!

Don, Shelley and Izzy said...

Happy First Birthday Olivia! Izzy, Uncle Donnie and I all got up early to watch you on T.V. You looked beautiful as always. We love you!

Don said...

Well.....I was just about to start typing my comment this morning, and Jodi's Mom, Pat called me from work to tell me that there is a Rainbow in the West right now.....she said that's probably Logan's way of wishing his sister a Happy Birthday! So....Olivia, I can tell you with some authority that Logan says "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

One year ago this evening, Pat and I were at the hospital because we were also concerned about Jodi's discomfort. At the moment we learned that she was delivering Logan and Olivia, we thought all was lost. I believed that the babies were gone and my sweet daughter Jodi would be in a dark corner somewhere. The joy of childbirth for Jodi and the joy that Grandparents usually experience was not there. When we learned that Logan and Olivia were alive and in the best of care, our hopes were revived. And now, one year later, Sweet Olivia is thriving!! What an amazing girl! And really, equally amazing is the love and steadfast determination that Jodi and Ryan have shown as parents. They are so fortunate to have Olivia...but Olivia is also fortunate to have Jodi and Ryan! So, while Olivia received so many great gifts by so many great people, her greatest gift on her 1st Birthday is simply her Mom and Dad! So, today I celebrate Olivia's amazing first year with us...and I also celebrate Jodi and Ryan's first year with Olivia!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Olivia!!! God bless you and your mommy and daddy on this special day! May you bring many more blessings to their lives and may God richly bless you!

We found out about Olivia and Logan from a message Joel left us. He asked us to keep you in prayer. They knew to call us because Laura had been keeping us updated through the time you guys were trying to get pregnant and then letting us know about the roses Julia received on her birthday and then after your sonogram.

We pray for Olivia nightly and pray that today would be wonderful and her cold would not get in the way!

Julie Hamlett

Thomas and Jamie said...

I found your blog through the Larson's blog (Conner and *Braedon*) and I found their blog through my sister and brother-in-law's blog, jandjjackson.blogspot.com. I'm not sure why I latched on, but I'm glad I did, Olivia sure is a cutiepie! Happy B-Day sweetie!!

Dawn said...

Happy birthday Miss Olivia! I love to see your smiling face everyday on your blog! I received your blog while you were still in the hospital and I helped take care of you!

Hope you feel better soon! You are so beautiful! P.S. You share your birthday with my dad!
Your friend, Nurse Dawn

Laura said...

First and foremost: Happy Birthday to Olivia!
I found your blog through Kinnick and Carver's blog. My best friend worked with their mom at Koch and sent along the link to me. I don't think I have ever posted a comment, but have been reading your blog since almost the beginning. Olivia is such an adorable girl.

Anonymous said...

Happy First Birthday Olivia on this special day!

I found your blog through David and Denise Omli, We pray for Olivia, Logan and your family while you were still in the hospital and after you went home. during our Wednesday night Bible study group.

I have been keeping up about everyday!
let me tell you a secret my sisters all the way from Panama Rep. of Panama also prayed for you and your sweet brother.

My name is Ivette but for a whole year I have been anonymous, Hope you have a wonderful day and God bless you always.

Gos is awesome:)

Kerry said...

Well, first of all, I would like to give a big shout out to Miss Olivia Paige. HAPPY #1, MY FAVORITE BABY OF ALL TIME!!!

I have known Jodi since we were probably 5 years old. We lived around the block from each other and went to the same school. We were best friends and spent lots of time together "tearing up" the neighborhood. Okay, not really. We were actually "goody goodies". Jodi moved to Maize at the end of our 7th grade year, which I thought was about the most horrible thing EVER! Anyway, fast forward a few years: we stayed friends, but did drift apart (stupid!). We both went to WSU and our mutual friend Marilee kept us in contact from time to time. I went to Jodi's wedding and remember thinking how beautiful she had become. I instantly liked Ryan and was so happy for her. I knew of their struggles with infertility and joined in her celebration when she found out she was pregnant with triplets. I remember joking with her at dinner with friends (at Ted's Montana Grill I think) about how big she was going to get (she already had a bit of a belly at that time!). I mourned her loss when I found out she had lost Baby B.

I learned about Olivia and Logan's birth from a phone call. Marilee called to tell me and I remember saying, "Oh no! It's too early!" I must admit I already began to mourn the loss of both babies. I had written a paper in college English many years ago regarding the ethics behind treating extremely premature infants and knew the odds were stacked against these tiny miracles. And miracles they were. I began reading the blog soon after their birth and have been truly blessed to discover how wonderful my old friend truly is. And of course I fell in love with Olivia and Logan.

I never got to meet little Logan. I can't even begin to imagine the pain and sadness Ryan and Jodi felt at the loss of their precious son. I know at times their grief threatens to overwhelm them. If not for Olivia and her fighting spirit, the grief could have won. But as Jodi so eloquently puts it in her posts, Olivia continues to amaze us all with her smile, her laughter and her ability to overcome incredible odds to become this wonderful little person. I am so excited to watch this girl grow up.

Happy Birthday Olivia!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Olivia! We love you! Kris, Kim, Alex, Katie, Aidan and Kaleb

Nurse Holli said...

Miss Olivia,
Where do I start? I'll start by first saying that everyone in the NICU knows when there are 24 week twins born. Everyone wants to take care of them and watch their amazing progress. This was no different when you and brother Logan were born. Though you had already been "claimed" by some of the wonderful Team 3 girls I had the joy of taking care of you many times during your first few weeks. I helped with you second echo and admnistered your 2nd blood transfusion. I knew your mommy and daddy were upset and very worried but I was truly amazed at the strength they had in their faith.
It wasn't until you were almost two months old that I became your primary nurse. What a whirlwind of emotions it is to get so involved with a family and their baby! I cared for you on day shift for the rest of your stay in NICU, Special Care and even got to see you home from Family Care Unit.
What a day that was. Now here we are a year after your birth and I continue to marvel at the wonderful job your parents have done. They took you home in the middle of RSV and Flu season and you didn't get sick even once. What an incredible feat! You always did seem like a miracle baby though! And though we miss sweet Logan, I know he has been cheering you on all this time!

So happy birthday and I am wishing nothing more than an even more incredible 2nd year of life for you! My hope for you is that someday when you get older you can look back at some of these comments and realize how truly blessed we all feel to have you in our lives!
Nurse Holli

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Olivia! I heard when you were born through prayer time at church (in Cimarron, where your Dad used to attend), and that you were born way too early. My sister then sent me an email one day letting me know that you had a blog, and from that day on, I've been cheering for you...the day you got to go home...the first time we all got to hear you laugh...and all the other special things that you've accomplished already. I wish you so many happy days ahead! I hope you feel better soon!

Erin Etling Jones

Jill, Matt, Ellie and Kailey said...

Happy Birthday Olivia!!

We wish you many more happy birthdays to come in the future. I hope that someday we can meet in person. You are an amazing girl with amazing parents!! We found out about yours and Logan's birth through a mutual friend, and your blog from your daddy. We have followed your progress faithfully, and cannot wait to continue to see you grow. We've known your daddy since college, and someday, when you are MUCH older, I'll have some great stories to tell you about him!

Love Jill, Matt, Ellie and Kailey

Amanda said...

I found out about baby Olivia thru Carter and Addisons moms blog. I have been reading for about 6 months maybe? It seems however like I've "known" Olivia and Jodi forever now! I have had so many tears reading the blog, but have also been so blessed by it- Happy Birthday Olivia! You have so many people that pray for you and love you that you will never meet- Hope you feel better soon- much love, Amanda

Julia said...

Happy 1st Birthday, Olivia! I have enjoyed so much reading the posts others have left. You have touched so many people's lives in one short year. I remember vividly the day you were born. Your Uncle Don called me while I was teaching voice lessons. I canceled the rest of lessons for the evening and sent my student home. Uncle Joel had the girls at piano lessons. I immediatly made some neccesary phone calls. Joel dropped the girls by Uncle Kris' house (they still remember with childlike joy the way Kris entertained them all and how he showed them a 1 lb can to give them an idea how small you really were) and then Aunt Kim and Joel got to our house and we all headed up to the hospital. For me there was a sense of deja vu. My sister had gone through a similar situation several years ago. I remember praying and trusting God with all of our lives. I was so sad for Ryan and Jodi yet what a miracle these tiny babies were! I remember walking into a hospital room where all these people were sitting around Jodi's bed with love and helplessness written on their faces. Ryan was visiting the babies at the time we arrived. I remember praying with Jodi. I remember seeing the first photos. I remember a tiny diaper. I remember going with Grandpa to pick up some supper and supplies for Ryan. I remember bringing back tiny stuffed animals for Logan and Olivia. I remember months of praying and tears and daily updates. I did not know what each day would bring but I knew I could trust God for the future.

Heather @ A Boy, A Girl, A Pug said...

I can not believe that you are a big 1 year old girl now. What a year it has been! You have grown from a 1 pound 1 oz teeny, tiny baby to a beautiful 15 lb one year old.

I have enjoyed seeing you grow and change through the blog. Big thank yous to your mommy for doing such an awesome job of updating all of us on your growth. I look forward to watching you grow. I hope that you and Ella can grow up to be good friends. You are so very loved Miss Olivia.

Happy 1st Birthday!

Alicia said...

Happy Birthday Olivia!

I just recently joined the blogging world and while visiting the site of a friend of a friend, I saw a link to this site and just decided to check it out. I immediately fell in love with the site, Olivia, and have been reading it almost daily since.

Drew's Mom said...

Happy 1st Birthday Olivia! I hope you're feeling better and able to play with all of your new toys.

I found your blog through another micro-premiee blog (I think it was Serena and Edwin). I happened to glance at the blog roll one day and saw a new family...I've been reading ever since.

Cristi said...

What a celebration! I found your blog when I was in great need of encouragment at the birth of my grand daughter who was 2 pounds, born at 31 weeks. We were so scared and I got on the internet in search of preemie success stories. That is where I found Olivias story of success. Our Avery has done well and in 5 months we will be able to celebrate her success just as you are able to celebrate for Olivia. Happy Birthday and prayers that she will feel better very soon.

Stacie said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Olivia!

Jodi and I both struggled through our infertility together and together we held each other up and encouraged each other through every bump and disappointment. I knew how deeply Ryan and Jodi's desire went for them to be parents. I know God placed that longing in their hearts and I am so grateful that Olivia has been placed into their lives.

I knew of her pregnancy with the triplets and was sad to hear when Baby B did not make it. However, we rejoiced knowing that two healthy and beautiful babies were still growing inside. It was an amazing day when she shared with me she was having a girl and a boy.

I was on my way to work on when I saw that Jodi's number was on my cell phone several times. I called her back and Ryan answered. He was shaken and told me Jodi had had the babies. I was in shock. I knew it was too soon and instantly started praying for God's hand to be upon Ryan, Jodi, Logan and Olivia.

Before heading to Wesley I stopped by a jewelry store and had a necklace made that has a birthstone for both Olivia and Logan with Mom in the middle. When I walked into the hospital room I was greeted with hugs and tears. Ryan, the proud daddy, showed me Logan and Olivia's first pictures and the tiny diaper that was too big for them.

I knew I wanted to do something for Ryan and Jodi that would allow them to share updates with many people all at once instead of having to play phone tag every day. So, I created this blog. I wanted them to be able to share their joy, their fears, and their babies with all who wanted to read about it.

At that time, I never knew this blog would become such a source of inspiration and joy for so many. I updated the blog every day until Jodi was ready to take over after Olivia had been home for some time.

It has been my great joy and pleasure to be apart of something that has meant so much to so many other people. Olivia and Logan's lives have touched many people and have brought so many people closer to God.

Miss Olivia is such a special baby girl. She has so many people who love her and adore her.Just one smile from Olivia can remind us all that life is good.

So, with that - I wish Olivia a VERY Happy First Birthday. I am looking forward to watching you grow into a beautiful young lady.

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else get teary just reading thru these COMMENTS?! Olivia, Ryan and Jodi- you are LOVED! I have never even met you and I keep waiting for the day when maybe i will run into you in target or something and say to my husband "It's the family from that preemie blog I've been telling you about forever!"

I found your blog when you were about 5 or 6 weeks old... I used to work with a girl at Raytheon/Hawker Beech who's husband works there who works with a friend of your family or something like that! however I found you, I felt so blessed to watch your story unfold!

I was newly pregnant with my 2nd baby when I found your blog... I have another friend who had preemie triplets about the same time and I started following her blog too. Sometimes I would have to stop reading for a few weeks and just keep you in my prayers b/c my blood pressure would jump just thinking about what you and your parents were going thru -let alone reading it. But your journey has never ceased to amaze me and maybe one day you and my baby Hannah will get to be friends.

Happy Birthday little sweetie and God's blessings to you and your family for many many years to come! Angie C.

Amanda said...

Her 3 month picture is my favorite :) She makes me wanna reach down and pic her up :) Gosh she grew fast....so sweet...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Olivia! I'm your aunt Shelley's friend from Colorado and have been a faithful fan ever since you were born. Take good care of mommy and daddy!

Ann Glowacki said...

Happy Birthday Olivia!

I am the mommy of Jaxson, a 30-weeker born August 18th 2007. I found your blog through Coy's blog and I've been reading about Olivia for a while now. She is amazing and beautiful! I'd like to put her down on our blog as one of "Jaxson's friends" if that's ok? If you'd like to see our blog it's address is:


I hope you had a great birthday! Sorry you were sick, I hope you are feeling better, Olivia! (Jaxson was sick shortly before his birthday too)

Best wishes,
Ann and Jaxson

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Olivia!!

I found your blog because of your neighbor, Michelle Murray-Cline. I was going through a really hard time with my own micro-preemie and Michelle sent me the email about your blog while my daughter was in the NICU herself. She thought it might bring me comfort to read about someone else going through what I was going through.

I tried to read your blog then, but with Jade still in the hospital, I had to stop when I found out sweet Logan had not survived his ordeal there.

But, I saved the page and I never forgot about the little KS baby that was so close in age to my own micro-preemie and had shared the same hospital staff.

Once I brought Jade home and she was almost weened off her oxygen, I returned to the page and I have been a loyal follower ever since!

I just know that Jade and Olivia will be friends one day as they will be going to the same school and be in the same grade! It's just destiny that they will eventually have to meet!

And Jade is catching up, too! She past the 15 lb mark a few weeks ago and is determined to hit 20 before the end of the year!

So, we will keep on rooting for you if you guys will keep on rooting for us!

Happy Birthday!!!


Lin and Jade

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Olivia!!

I was given the link to another blog (Kinnick & Carver) by a friend of mine. Her friend, who is either a friend of that family or works at the hospital (don't remember) gave it to her, and I got the link to your blog from theirs. Now I read both (at least I try to) daily.

just jamie said...

Happy birthday sweet one. What a year you have had. I know your brother will see you again, and is looking after you every day.

I'm not sure how I found your blog, actually. But sure glad I did...

The Nice One said...

Wow! What a sweet little girl, look how much you've grown! Beautiful pictures.

Casey's trio said...

Happy belated birthday to Miss Olivia. I know Logan is watching over you from heaven.

The Microblogologist said...

Happy birthday Olivia, you have come so very far from when I first started reading this blog, you were still in the NICU then. This is the second blog in what eventually became a rather long list of blogs that I read and has remained one of my favorites. I used to read Serena and Edwin's blog and she wrote about you before it got set to private and I was hooked. Your mommy is a beautiful person who loves you more than anything and that shines through in every post on this blog. It is also quite obvious you have your daddy wrapped around your little finger, the love between you and your parents is very precious.

Have a great second year, it has been amazing to watch you come this far!


Olivia Paige said...

I'd love to wish the very best to a little girl who shares my name. It's a spectacular name, and I hope you'll use it with pride.